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*Trinity U undergraduate student, ^RDD corresponding author

Ion-Molecule Interactions Enable Unexpected Phase Transitions in Organic-Inorganic Aerosol.

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Dual-Balance Electrodynamic Trap as a Micro-Analytical Tool for Identifying Gel Transitions and Viscous Properties of Levitated Aerosol Particles

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Studying Chemistry in Micro-Compartments by Separating Droplet Generation from Ionization

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Highlighted in Chemical and Engineering News, 95(46): 16-18 (Nov. 20, 2017 issue).

Exploring chemistry in microcompartments using guided droplet collisions in a branched quadrupole trap coupled to a single droplet, paper spray mass spectrometer. 

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Highlighted in Chemical and Engineering News, 95(46): 16-18 (Nov. 20, 2017 issue).


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