Public Humanities Faculty Fellowships

The Public Fellows program is intended to help faculty communicate their scholarship in the humanities to a broad audience. Fellows will receive funding to pursue professional development opportunities that will enhance their abilities to make their research or creative endeavors accessible and communicable to audiences beyond the academy. Fellows will receive a $2000 budget for relevant professional development expenses and will also receive a $3000 stipend for their time. In case of joint applications, these funds will be shared. The fellowship will run through the academic year 2020-2021, during which time fellows are expected to share their progress with the other members of their cohort. Fellows are expected to complete their project within 18 months after the fellowship term ends. The fellowship is open to all Trinity faculty (including part-time faculty) who are working on a project in the arts and humanities, broadly defined. During its inaugural year, the 2019-2020 Public Fellows cohort comprised Patrick Keating, Kathryn Vomero Santos and joint-fellows Habiba Noor and Sarah Beth Kaufman.


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