An integral part of undergraduate humanities research at Trinity University, The Expositor provides students with an opportunity to see their high-quality research through to print and to understand how such published work can contribute to a larger research program. 


Pictured below is Abigail Baltuskonis '17 (left), whose work appeared in the 2016 issue of the journal––research that Abi undertook as part of her coursework with Dr. Victoria Aarons (right), the O. R. and Eva Mitchell Professor of English at Trinity. Abi built on this work with a Mellon Summer Research Fellowship, and she is now carrying it even further in her senior honors thesis in English, directed by Dr. Aarons.



As Trinity's journal of undergraduate research in the humanities, The Expositor presents work undertaken by students like Abi, either in their courses or in research fellowships directed by members of the faculty. The journal is published annually, and submissions are accepted from all humanities disciplines, as well as from the humanistic social sciences. By recreating the major elements of academic publishing––including peer review (undertaken by the editorial board), revision based on reader reports, and review and correction of proofs––the journal serves to introduce high-achieving students to another important aspect of humanities research.


The Expositor gave me an idea about what the publishing experience is actually like. It's more of a give-and-take process than I think many imagine, and editing your accepted submission is a good thing to learn how to do. Humanities research is so rich and exciting, and so it was really fun to read through my classmates’ articles and see what kind of things they were interested in and what they were writing about. It fosters an open environment to learn about and support each other's research.

––Megan Reynolds '16

For more information about The Expositor, please contact Dr. Andrew Kraebel.



❡ Volume 15 (2020)

❡ Volume 14 (2018-19)

❡ Volume 13 (2017)

❡ Volume 12 (2016)

❡ Volume 11 (2015)

❡ Volume 10 (2014)


Andrew Kraebel
Department of English

Editorial Board (2020)

Kelly Carlisle, English 
Michael Fischer, English 
Willis Salomon, English 
Kathryn Vomero Santos, English
Chad Spigel, Religion