Current and Recent Members

Chase Acuff, 2018

Lab Coordinator

Interested in the science and philosophy of the mind, Chase plans on studying Clinical Psychology as a graduate. If you can't find him at the lab or in the library, he'll probably be at home, playing video games or trying desperately to create abstract art.



Paola Herrera, 2018

Paola Herrera is a Marketing and Psychology double major at Trinity University. Immediately after graduation, she plans to work for a Marketing consulting company with later plans to continue her education. Paola is a member of Trinity's Ultimate Frisbee Team and enjoys practicing in her free time.



Lab Members, 2019

Front:  Mariale Torres (2019), Pallavi Shamapant (2019)  Back:  Tayler Weathers, Eliza Poppe, Julia Reyes, Becky Sanchez, Jessica Hernandez