The Urbach Laboratory has been the grateful recipient of over $2M in funding from federal agencies and private foundations. Our active grants are listed below. We have also completed projects sponsored by the Welch Foundation, the National Science Foundation (RUI, CAREER, MRI), Research Corporation for Science Advancement, the Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation, and the American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund. 

Active Grants:

NIH-R15 (PI, Adam Urbach; CoPI Lyle Isaacs, University of Maryland) "Supramolecular Strategies for the Controlled Release of Protein Drugs" 9/17-9/20 (R15-GM126511-01)

NSF-MRI (PI, Adam Urbach; CoPIs Christina Cooley, Laura Hunsicker-Wang, Corina Maeder) "Acquisition of an ESI-TOF Mass Spectrometer by Trinity University" 8/17-8/20 (CHE-1726441)

Research Grant, Welch Foundation (PI, Adam Urbach), "Multivalent Cucurbit[n]urils for High-Affinity Reversible Binding" 6/16-5/19 (W-1640)

Cottrell Scholars Collaborative (PI, Adam Urbach; CoPIs Andrij Nevidomskyy at Rice University, Penny Beuning at Northeastern University, Robert Berger at Western Washington University, Shane Ardo at University of California at Irvine, and Yan Xia at Stanford University), "Training Faculty to Assist Students in Career Planning" 9/17-8/19 (Grant #24577)





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