COMPASS aims is to serve the scientific community by providing resources for the career mentoring and professional development of graduate and undergraduate science students.

COMPASS is part of the Cottrell Scholars Collaborative (CSC)

COMPASS Faculty Workshop (at-a-glance)

The COMPASS Faculty Workshop aims to introduce faculty to career planning and mentoring resources, to provide training for faculty on using those resources, and to position faculty to use these resources on their respective campuses. The workshop will cover topics including career planning, mentor training and effective communication, culturally aware mentoring, crafting an action plan, promoting professional development, and changing departmental culture. Prior to the workshop, participants will research the resources available locally to their students for professional development. During the workshop, participants will craft a plan to implement a programmatic change at their respective institutions. After the workshop, participants will implement and assess their programs. The focus is currently on chemistry and physics students, and many of the resources can translated across the sciences. 


Shane Ardo – University of California at Irvine
Penny Beuning – Northeastern University
Rob Berger – Western Washington University
Andriy Nevidomskyy – Rice University
Adam Urbach – Trinity University
Yan Xia – Stanford University


Crystal Bailey – American Physical Society
Ashley Donovan – American Chemical Society
Joerg Shlatterer – American Chemical Society

Cottrell Scholars Collaborative (CSC)

The Cottrell Scholars Collaborative is a cross-disciplinary network of academic scientists who have been named Cottrell Scholars by the Research Corporation for Science Advancement. The scholars work in teams on projects with potential high impact. CSC’s overarching goal is to improve undergraduate and graduate science education at colleges and universities across the country.

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Support from Research Corporation for Science Advancement is gratefully acknowledged. We thank Amy Blondin at Northeastern University for developing the annotated bibliography of the web resources.