Our research group operates at the interface of chemistry, physics, and engineering to study the unique properties of microenvironments and address science questions relevant to atmospheric chemistry, sustainability, human health and beyond.


Ryan D. Davis, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Chemistry
Trinity University
San Antonio, TX 78212, USA

Group News

Group news and scientific commentary can also be followed through Twitter (@MicroLevitator)

May 2019

We welcome Josefina Hajek-Herrera to the group!

Jan 2019

Trinity student Kristin Trobaugh has joined the group. Welcome, Kristin!

Oct 2018

We are officially levitating microdroplets here at Trinity, and collecting some interesting data!

Aug 2018

Trinity student David Richards has joined the group. Welcome, David!

July 2018

The Trinity University Levitation Facility is open for business (our business being research)!