The core of the collective

Trinity University hosts countless, once-in-a-lifetime events every week. Besides the daily Leeroy emails sent out to students and faculty, the Trinity community has no comprehensive source for news on the various humanities events hosted on campus. Because of this, many phenomenal humanities events on campus big and small go unnoticed weekly. The humanities collective is here to provide the Trinity a source to promote all humanities events on campus whether they are a formal lecture series, professor symposiums or independent student events.

On this website, you can find all upcoming humanities events on campus. The events, dates and details can be found under News & Upcoming. 

The Humanities Collective is here for all events. If you have any humanities event you would like to be promoted on our social media and this website and added to our master calender, submit an event here. We accept (and encourage) submissions from students and professors alike.

The future of the collective

We strive to provide our services to the rest of the greater San Antonio area. Eventually, the humanities collective will promote humanities programs throughout San Antonio. In this way, Trinity students can benefit from enriching engagement with the city beyond Trinity's campus.