About the Trinity University Humanities Collective

The Humanities Collective was founded by six Trinity humanities faculty members in 2016 and has been a member of the Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes since 2017. The Collective is also a member of the National Humanities Alliance.



To foster humanistic learning and enables meaningful action through programming that:

1) supports the scholarship of humanities faculty and students;

2) engages partners on campus and in the community to advance the public humanities; and

3) calls attention to the relevance of the humanities in contemporary society.



Humanities Scholarship

  • Public Humanities Faculty Fellows
  • Undergraduate Research Symposium

Humanities in Community

  • Public lectures, events and related seminars
  • Promotion of humanities events and opportunities at Trinity and in the community

Humanities in Practice

  • Humanities Day (October)
  • Recruitment of prospective humanities students


Meet the Humans behind the Humanities Collective