April 9, 2018

2017 Mellon SURFs Present at Conferences in Oklahoma and Philadelphia

This past weekend five 2017 Mellon SURFs presented the results of their summer research at conferences.

Four of the presentations took place at NCUR (National Conference on Undergraduate Research), which was at the University of Central Oklahoma from April 5-7. Two of the students gave poster presentations. 

Benjamin Brody's poster was titled "Images, Administrator, and Archives: Seals in the Persepolis Fortification Archive," 


and Andrew Tao's poster was titled "Making Auleius' Metamorphoses Accessible."


The two other NCUR presenters gave papers. Nhi Nguyen gave a presentation titled "Anti-Chinese Sentiment in Contemporary Vietnam" 


and Tiffany Nguyen gave a presentation titled "What's Done is Donne: Analyzing Misogyny in Elegy 19." 


The fifth presenter, Jessica Phillips, presented a poster titled "Chinese Language Cinema and the Cross-Cultural Gaze: Analyzing Students' Responses to Zhang Yang's Shower and Ang Lee's Eat Drink Man Woman" at the annual ASIANetwork Conference in Philadephia. 


Congratulations to Jessica Phillips, Benjamin Brody, Nhi Nguyen, Tiffany Nguyen, and Andrew Tao on their successful conference presentations!