April 25, 2018

Congratulations to Catherine Clark (Mellon '15 and Trinity '16) and Dr. Jennifer Henderson for the publication of their article "Oh, my god! I CAN FLY!’: female agency in Marvel’s Runaways" in the Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics!

Here's the abstract from the article:

"Researchers conducted a textual analysis of the first 18 issues of Brian K Vaughan and Adrian Alphona’s comic book series Runaways analysing the four female and two male lead characters in the narrative – Nico, Karolina, Gertrude, Molly, Alex, and Chase. The study operationalised the ideas of rationality, intentionality, and power to create the new variables of social, individual, and authoritative agency. Researchers then assigned a score of 0–10 to the characters for each of the three variables using a Holistic Agency Scale to more comprehensively reflect the ‘power’ of each character. The study ultimately found that (1) Alex had more agency than all of the female characters, and (2) that while none of the young women possess complete agency in any of the three categories, they are all complex, highly competent protagonists."

And the bios from the article: