Mellon Summer Research Fellowships and Mellon Institutes strive to increase Arts and Humanities student participation in Trinity’s undergraduate summer research program. While traditionally Arts and Humanities student research takes place within the context of independent study, Mellon Summer Research Fellowships allow students to work on projects that relate to their faculty mentor’s research and provide students with an example of successful scholarship in their field.


Mellon Summer Research Fellows Program (SURF)

 A 10 week summer program in which students work on a project directly related to their faculty mentor’s research. Students receive a $4,200 stipend, free dormitory housing for the summer research period, a travel and supplies budget, and a one-credit course annotation on their transcript. Faculty mentors also receive a stipend of $2,000. Students will present their research at the end of the summer at the Trinity Summer Research Colloquium. In order to apply, students must possess a faculty mentor from an Arts or Humanities department.

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Mellon Institute

A 10 week summer multidisciplinary research cluster that enables faculty-student research teams from different disciplines to carry out inter-related research projects pertaining to one central topic. Mellon selects one Institute proposal annually for student and faculty stipends ($4,200 and $2,000 respectively), travel and supplies budget, free dormitory housing, and one-credit course annotation on the student’s transcript. Proposals for Mellon Institute topics are accepted from teams of at least two faculty members from at least two Arts and Humanities departments.

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