Does Music Convey Social Information to Infants?

Original article: Mehr, S. A., Song. L. A., & Spelke, E. S. (2016). For 5-month-old infants, melodies are social. Psychological Science, 27, 486-501.


  1. Conduct one-sample t-tests
  2. Conduct paired samples t-tests         
  3. Generate a boxplot
  4. Generate a scatterplot

Do Spoken or Written Words Better Express Intelligence?

Original article: Schroeder, J., & Epley, N. (2015). The sound of intellect: Speech reveals a thoughtful mind, increasing a job candidate’s appeal. Psychological Science, 26, 877-891.


  1. Conduct independent samples t-tests
  2. Create a Figure

Why do People Fail to Follow Through on Their Good Intentions?

Original article: Rogers, T. & Milkman, K. L. (2016). Reminders through association. Psychological Science, 27, 973-986.


  1. Use the select cases function
  2. Conduct chi-square test of independence
  3. Conduct independent samples t-tests
  4. Create a table