Current and Recent Members

Will Price (2021)


Will is a Psychology major with a minor in Economics. He's interested in the science of behavior, the brain, the mind, and the advancement of mental health treatments. Will plans to continue his education as a Clinical Psychology graduate. If he's not in lab he's most likely listening to comfort music, skateboarding, or watching college football.


Emily Crusius (2021)

Emily Crusius is a Psychology major who plans to study Clinical Psychology as a graduate. In her free time, she enjoys making art and hiking.




Julia Plante  (2022)

Julia is majoring in Psychology and minoring in Chinese. Her passions include drawing, understanding languages and human thought, and weightlifting.





Pallavi Shamapant (2020)


Pallavi was a neuroscience major and is on her way to becoming a Physician's Assistant.




Lab Members, 2019

Front:  Mariale Torres (2020), Pallavi Shamapant (2019) 
Back:  Eliza Poppe (2020), Julia Reyes (2020), Becky Sanchez (2019), Jessica Hernandez (2019)