Student Programming Board brings many events to the Trinity Community.  Every month, the specific events and dates will be shared so that all interested can participate in our programming.  Below is the rundown of special events that you can expect to see on campus!


Welcome Week Concert

The concert is SPB’s first major event of the academic year. The concert is held on the baseball field and features a well-known artist. This is a fun and entertaining event to kick off the year!  


TigerFest is SPB’s major traditions event of the fall. This dance has been held for years and is a highlight of the fall semester. The theme changes each year and the décor and give-away items for the event match the theme.

De-stress Fest

Prior to spring finals, SPB hosts a major de-stress event with a petting zoo, massage therapists, food, and fun. The event continues to evolve, so be on the lookout for what SPB will do next to help students unwind! 


Chocolate Festival

The Chocolate Festival occurs every February on the Esplanade. The event features free chocolate for all students, staff, and faculty as well as a competition between the student organizations. 

Spotlight Talent Show

Spotlight Talent Show is the annual campus-wide talent show held during Spring Family Weekend.

Additional Events

SPB is always looking for new and exciting events to host. SPB often brings in comedians, spoken word artists, magicians, concerts, trivia, and other events to keep Trinity students entertained.