Newswave meets every Friday at 2:30 with a 3 p.m. air time. Newswave covers everything from local, global, and national news as well as sports and entertainment news.

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Executive Producer
Mackenzie Hill- Senior Communication Major, Art History & Psychology Minor

Mackenzie is a senior Communication major, double minoring in Art History and Psychology. Outside of her work with TigerTV, Mackenzie is active in improv on campus as Treasurer/Secretary for the First Time Offenders and a founding member of longform troupe Fiscally Responsible. She also dedicates a lot of her time to her sorority, Alpha Chi Lambda, and currently holds the Scholastics chair position. She drinks her coffee black and is a sucker for a good pickle.

Associate Producers

Sam McWhorter, Erin Crooks, & Megan Smith

Meet Last Years Cast & Crew 

Daniel Dahlinger
Head Anchor
Daniel is excited for his second year on TigerTV, where he can finally realize his high school dream of becoming THE Ron Burgundy! He is currently Majoring in Engineering Science and Minoring in Economics, and plans to eventually get an MBA. In his free time, he can often be found twinkling the keys of the piano, hitting the links, chucking the frisbee, or introducing himself to an unfortunate soul who just happened to walk by him.
Erin Crooks
Head Anchor
Erin is co-anchor of Newswave alongside Daniel. She is on the Trinity Women's Swim Team.



Sam McWhorter
Weather Anchor
Sam is our weatherman, bringing us weather coverage for the San Antonio area as well as the rest of Texas. He also keeps viewers up-to-date on cases of extreme weather and natural disasters. He sets his goals low and he one day hopes to be on ESPN as well as to become Governor of Texas and President of the United States.


Olivia Garza
Sports Anchor and News Director
Olivia is the head of our Sports segment. She also does off-camera work when she isn't on-air. She was once interviewed on CNN.


Daniel Mulholland
Tiger Critic
Daniel is the host of Tiger Critics, a bi-weekly segment in which he reviews a recently-released film. He once appeared in a movie himself.
Briahn Hawkins
Briahn is a crew member who works in a variety of positions. She has a wide taste in music, from Andra Day to Major Lazer or The Neighborhood to Nicki Minaj.
Cindi Marin
Cindi works with Alex Carreno on playback. She loves sour and spicy candy.



Diana Chavarria
Diana has worked as a camera and teleprompter operator. She loves makeup, and one of her dreams is to become a makeup artist!