The Not So Late Show is a comedy talk show format. Between interviews with local celebrities, deans of the university, and fellow students and student organizations, students on the Not-So-Late Show produce skits as well as other types of non sequitur content. Crew calls for the Not So Late Show are Thursdays @ 4:30 pm.

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Lavanya Hospeti
Executive Producer
Senior Sociology Major
Lavanya is a senior sociology major who has been working on TigerTV since the second semester of her first year. During her time on The Not So Late Show, Lavanya has been talent, crew, and an associate producer!

Associate Producers
Paige Perez & Ben Klinkenberg



Carlotta De Bellis

Layna Haynes

Austin Davidson

Mackenzie Hill

Sam McWhorter

Daniella Jahn

Elise Hester

Sophie Dwyer

Alex Perkowski

Kristina Reinis