Paige Perez
Executive Producer
Senior Communication Major & Spanish Minor
Paige is a Communication major who enjoys travel, writing, and the Spanish art of siesta. In her free time she can be found in her bed.

Lavanya Hospeti
Associate Producer
I'm currently the production manager of TigerTV and the associate producer of the Not So Late Show! I'm also a sociology major and a bio minor. I started TigerTV with Paige Perez (the wonderful executive producer of Not So Late Show) my freshman year and It was the best decision I've made at Trinity! My inspirations include: Beyonce, James Bynum, Natalie Portman, and Benjamin Gomez. In addition to TigerTV I work in a research lab that investigates invasive species of grass, and I am an SGA Senator! Lastly, my one aspiration in life is to adopt a corgi and name it Nancy.

Benji Gomez
Associate Producer

Benjamin Gomez is a sophomore from the foreign lands of San Antonio, Texas. He is a Business Marketing and Sport Management Entrepreneurship double-major. Benji immediately got involved with TigerTV his freshman year by hosting a segment on The Not-So-Late Show. Then, in the blink of an eye, he found himself working on Studio 21 as a crewmember. Currently, Benji serves as the Marketing and Promotions Manager of TigerTV as well as an Associate Producer and co-host of The Not-So-Late Show. He is also a crewmember and co-host of "You Probably Haven't Heard of This" on Studio 21. Benji spends most of his days in Richardson Communications Center attempting to earn an honorary Communications degree by working tirelessly with both TigerTV and KRTU. Outside of the Communications sphere, Benji is a member of the Student Programming Board, Student Ambassadors, Trinity Distinguished Representatives, Phi Sigma Pi, and Alpha Lambda Delta. Someday, Benji hopes to be a Sports or Talent Agent, which hardly fits in with anything previously mentioned. In his free time, he manages an online card company, DJs for middle-schoolers, embarces online-consumerism, drinks piña coladas and occasionally, gets caught in the rain.


The Not So Late Show is a comedy talk show format. Between interviews with local celebrities, deans of the university, and fellow students and student organizations, students on the Not-So-Late Show produce skits as well as other types of non sequitur content. Crew calls for the Not So Late Show are Thursdays @ 4:30 pm.

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