Meet our Station Managers


Albert Salinas

Albert, a San Antonio Native, graduated from the University of the Incarnate Word focusing in video production and new media communication. Albert has a diverse background in producing and directing videos for commercial clients, nonprofits and arts organizations, as well as local and national bands. Finding particular interest where audio and visual elements converge with technology Albert has produced many different projects involving sound, projection mapping, and interactive media. Albert is the instructor for COMM-1131 TigerTV, and is the operations manager for the Department of Communication at Trinity University.



Briahn Hawkins

Station Manager
Year: Senior
Majors: Communication and Theatre
Hometown: Humble, TX
Briahn has been with Tiger TV for three years as Executive Producer for Studio 21 and a substitute weather correspondent of Newswave in addition to other positions. On campus, she is also involved in PRIDE and is an E-Board member for the Black Student Union. Briahn became interested in journalism late in high school and worked on the school yearbook staff during her senior year. Tiger TV gave her a chance to figure out if she enjoyed broadcast journalism, which she is now obsessed with. Her favorite part of Tiger TV is watching the progress of all the shows throughout the year. She loves seeing all the improvements that are made every year and enjoys watching things get bigger and better. Briahn’s short term career goal is to become an Associate Producer or Production Assistant for a news production company. Long term, she would like to be an Executive Producer for a Pop Culture or Entertainment show.
Fun Fact: She is the reason that the Tiger TV backdrops have side latches! The straps for one of the backdrops came undone during Newswave and hit her head her freshman year.



Kailey Lopez

Newswave Executive Producer
Major: Communication and Political Science
Year: Junior
Hometown: San Antonio, TX
Kailey has been a part of Tiger TV for three years and has worked on Newswave, Not-So-Late Show, and Endzone. On campus she serves as a residential assistant and is a fitness instructor for TU Fit. Kailey loves Tiger TV because is has helped develop her passion for broadcast journalism and allows her to watch others grow. She loves watching the news so naturally Tiger TV was a perfect fit! She has future goals of becoming the executive producer for a local television program.



Kendall Nace

Studio 21 Executive Producer
Major: Communication
Minor: Sport Management
Year: Senior
Hometown: San Antonio, TX
Kendall has been apart of Tiger TV for two years and has worked on every show. On campus, he also works at the Bell Center taking stats for sports games. He also visits his grandma in Career Services and you can often find him at “Milk & Cookies” on Thursdays. Outside of school, Kendall enjoys anything with sports or any competition, especially eating faster than others. He also enjoys listening to music, watching movies and playing video games. He got involved with Tiger TV because it seemed like a good way to blend his major and minor while also doing something fun. His favorite thing about Tiger TV is how it brings everyone together. He says, “having a control room and studio full of people working on a collective task is really fun to see in action. I really like getting to see everyone improve with their talents and skills as time goes on.” In the future, Kendall hopes to work in professional sports, either on television or through statistics.
Fun Fact: He has a twin brother (who was on the Not-So-Late Show last year) and he named his car Bluedini.



Daniella Jahn

Not-So-Late Show Executive Producer 
Majors: English and Communication
Year: Junior
Hometown: Kingwood, TX
Daniella joined Tiger TV her first semester at Trinity after auditioning as on-screen talent for the Not-So-Late Show and has not left since. During her free-time, Daniella can be found napping, writing, or drinking La Croix. She is planning to work in PR or broadcast journalism in the future.



Elena Negron

Content Manager
Majors: English and Communication
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Houston, TX
Elena has been a part of Tiger TV for one year and has worked on the show Studio 21. On campus, she is also involved in the Alpha Chi Lambda sorority. Elena decided to get involved with Tiger TV after she toured the studios and others helped encourage her to get involved. Her favorite thing about Tiger TV is the experience of working with the actual equipment and station. She says it feels very professional to work in the studios and all the people involved are nice and welcoming. Elena’s future career plans include either working in television production or publishing.
Fun Fact: She memorized the poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay” by Robert Frost and learned it in American Sign Language for fun.




Sophie Dwyer

Marketing Manager
Major: Communication
Minor: English
Year: Senior
Hometown: Houston, TX
Sophie has been a part of Tiger TV for four years and has been talent on The Not-So-Late Show and the floor manager for Studio 21. On campus, she is the digital marketing intern in Trinity’s Strategic Communications and Marketing Department and is a part of Trinity’s First Time Offenders Improv Troupe. She also enjoys exercising, reading, writing, playing with her pet snake, and doodling snakes. Sophie joined Tiger TV because she liked the idea of writing comedy sketches and making digital shorts. Her favorite part about Tiger TV is the welcoming nature, all the laughs, teamwork and the learning experiences. In the future, she plans to work in public relations, media relations or digital marketing.
Fun Fact: She went viral for being really sweaty after a German TV company made a documentary about it. 



Rylie Snell

Web and Graphics Manager 
Majors: History and Communication
Minor: Film
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Waco, TX
Rylie has been with Tiger TV for a year and has worked on the shows Studio 21 and the Not-So-Late- how. This year, she is also an Assistant Producer for the Not-So-Late Show. On campus, she is involved in the American Marketing Association as the Vice President of Events, and she also works as a public relations intern at Trinity’s Strategic Communication and Marketing department. In her free time, she loves to eat chocolate, watch movies, exercise and go outside. Rylie, initially joined Tiger TV because of her interest of working in media. She wanted to learn more about the technical side of the station. Her favorite part about Tiger TV is the creative atmosphere and hands on experience she is gaining. She has plans of going to graduate school most likely for journalism and eventually working in media for either a broadcast news company or a magazine company.
Fun Fact: She is obsessed with learning about the enneagram and is a 5w6.



Natalia Salas

Production Manager

Major: Communication

Minor: Sociology, Spanish

Year: Junior

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Natalia has been a part of TigerTV for three years. She has worked on Studio 21 as an Associate Producer and as a crew member on Not-So-Late-Show. She also writes for the Trinitonian. Her favorite thing about TigerTV is the people involved. In the future she hopes to work in the media industry



Madison Poljan

Special Events Manager
Major: Biology
Minor: Teaching
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Austin, TX
Madison has been a part of Tiger TV for three semesters and has worked on the Not-So-Late Show and Studio 21. On campus, she is also apart of Swing Bums and Catholic Student Group. In her free time, she loves to play video games and claims to be able to crush all the other managers at Mario Kart. She also loves to hang with her favorite roommate. Madison decided to join Tiger TV after she visited the studio during the Trinity In Focus. Her favorite part about Tiger TV is all the fantastic friends she’s made and it has become her favorite part of the week. In the future, she plans to get her masters in teaching, then enter the peace corps and eventually go into teaching or public health.
Fun Fact: Madison is allergic to an extensive list of things including: gluten, dairy, soy, corn,  egg, nightshades (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, onions), avocado, pineapples, peanuts, hazelnuts, cashews.



Luke Dias

Internal Projects Manager
Major: Communication
Minor: Business and Film Studies
Year: Senior
Hometown: Houston, TX
Luke has been a part of Tiger TV for one year and has worked on the Not-So-Late Show and Studio 21. He is also involved in the Film Club on campus. Outside of school, he enjoys reading, watching movies, playing games and exercising. Luke initially joined Tiger TV for his major and because of his general interest in film. He decided to stay in Tiger TV because it allowed him to continue gaining new experiences. His favorite part about Tiger TV is the friendly atmosphere that is created by all the encouraging and diligent students. He has future plans of working in media.



Whitney Crawford

External Special Projects Manager 
Major: Psychology
Minor: Film Studies
Year: Junior
Hometown: Houston, TX
Whitney has been a part of Tiger TV for one year and has worked on The Not-So-Late Show. Outside of Tiger TV, she enjoys watching movies, writing, eating chocolate, napping and hanging out with her favorite roommate. She decided to get involved with Tiger TV because of her interest in filmmaking. She was impressed with the resources and creative freedom that Tiger TV offered. Her favorite part about Tiger TV is making packages. In the future, Whitney would like to be a forensic psychologist and novelist.



Devan Karp

Package Director 
Major: Communications and Marketing
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Kingswood, TX
Devan has been with Tiger TV for one year and has worked on the show, Newswave. On campus, he is also involved with KRTU radio, the Trinitiones, and the American Marketing Association. In his free time, he enjoys playing the drums, singing, and canoeing. Devan chose to be apart of Tiger TV as soon as he heard about it during freshman orientation. He says his favorite part about the station is “how much amazing experience I have learned at this station! Trinity places so much trust in the students, and it is truly a gift to have the opportunities I have been given.” He has future plans of entering the world of broadcast journalism and would love to become a news anchor.