Meet our station managers


James Bynum

James graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and is one of the founders of Trinity University's TigerTV television station. Mr. Bynum has worked in commercial and public broadcast television as an executive producer, director, and production manager at television stations KSAT, KMID, KLRN, and WOAI. He has many years of experience as an independent producer/director for numerous promotional and instructional video projects over the years. James is the instructor for COMM-1131 which is the backbone for TigerTV, and is the operations manager for the department of communication at Trinity University.


Danielle "Dani" Trevino- Station Manager 

Dani is a Trinity University senior interested in media production and civic engagement through the arts. She has work experience in television, radio, graphic design, photography, and journalism. She is passionate about making news accessible to the general public in innovative ways and hopes to bring people together through creative mediums.

Major: Communication & Studio Art

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

Career goals: to either work at NPR or be an Executive Producer for The Bachelor franchise


Erin Crooks- Newswave Executive Producer 

Erin has been involved with Tiger TV since her freshman year and is honored and excited to be the Executive Producer of Newswave this year. In addition to Tiger TV, she is also a member of the Women's swim team here at Trinity and an active member of Spurs Sorority.

Major: Communication

Hometown: Sacramento, California

Career goal: Erin's intended career field is to become a reporter/anchor and to continue her interest in journalism and broadcasting.


Briahn "Bri" Hawkins- Studio21 Executive Producer 

Briahn (AKA “Bri”) has participated in TigerTV since she first stepped foot onto Trinity’s campus as a first-year. As last year’s Production Manager, she was present for all four productions, thus introducing her to “Studio 21.” After realizing that she had more of an interest in pop culture than she wanted to admit to, Briahn decided to take on the position of Executive Producer and she is looking forward to collaborating with everyone to create the best version of “Studio 21” as possible.

Major: Communication & Theatre

Hometown: Humble, Texas

Career goal: Briahn has taken part in theatre since she was nine years old, so she would like to have a successful. In addition to that, she recently had an epiphany about the channel “Black Entertainment Television” (BET) and is now thinking about how she could help to improve the program.


Ben Klinkenberg- Not-So-Late-Show Executive Producer

Ben is a big fan of video production and have been working with cameras and editing since high school. He is a movie enthusiast and loves showing people the art of filmmaking and broadcast. He may be from Arizona, but Texas (and Trinity) has his heart.

Major: Business Administration and Communication

Hometown: Tuscan, Arizona

Career goal: Ben would like to make it into the broadcast or production industries, however he is also experienced in advertising and marketing, and would enjoy this career as well.


Daniella Jahn- Production Manager 

Daniella joined Tiger Tv her first semester at Trinity after auditioning as on-screen talent for the "Not-so-Late-Show" and has not left since. During her free-time, Daniella can be found napping, writing, or drinking La Croix.

Major: English & Communication

Hometown: Kingwood, Texas

Career goal: Daniella is aiming to work in PR or broadcast journalism.


Houston Holmes- PR & Marketing Manager 

Houston ia a senior finishing up his degree in Communication with a minor in New Media, and TigerTV has been one of the highlights of his experience at Trinity. He has been interested in TV and communication/marketing for several years and is looking forward to learning more. In his free time he can be found making short films, playing video games, and listening to or creating music. He has spent approximately 40% of his life at Whataburger, a number he plans to increase as soon as possible.

Major: Communication

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Career goal: Houston aims to build a career in advertising/public relations.


Kailey Lopez- Web & Graphics Manager 

Kailey has found her love for broadcast journalism in working on Newswave and Endzone. She is very passionate about reporting news factually and with clarity. Kailey also enjoys her position as a Resident Assistant in the first year area. She is interested in film production as well as studio television. 

Major: Communication & Human Communication 

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

Career goals: Kailey has had a passion for broadcast journalism for some time now, and hopes to use this platform to spark positive change in our society. She plan to become involved in social work, but ultimately strives to become an Executive Producer for a local news program.


Sophie Dwyer- Special Projects Manager 

Sophie Dwyer is a junior at Trinity University.  When she isn't working on TigerTV, she is working in the university's marketing department, mentoring younger COMM students, or promoting events for the campus health club, TUfit.  Her passions include fitness, reading, writing, and making videos she hopes are funny.

Major: Communication 

Hometown: Houston, Texas 

Career goal: Sophie wants to become a PR campaign manager.