How to Apply


Applications for Site Leaders will be made available based on the organization’s need. Interviews will be conducted by the Executive Coordinator and the Volunteer Coordinators.*

Applications for positions on the Executive Board will be made available in late October of each year, if applicable. An interview process will occur in November, with decisions being made before December. Previous Executive Board members will be a part of making hiring decisions for the upcoming calendar year.




TUVAC Positions


Executive Coordinator

  • Serve as chief officer of TUVAC

  • Represent TUVAC at university events

  • Field volunteer requests from external bodies

  • Collaborate with the Public Ally to plan and execute special projects and awareness campaigns

  • Ensure program coherence and accountability

Marketing and Recruitment Coordinator

  • Raise campus awareness of upcoming opportunities

  • Develop a marketing plan for the year

  • Update TUVAC calendar with upcoming service opportunities

  • Craft and send out a bi-weekly TUVAC newsletter

Logistics Coordinator

  • Manage the TUVAC budget

  • Carry out logistics for TUVAC-sponsored events

Volunteer Coordinators (3)

  • Establish and maintain relationships with two community partners

  • Plan, organize and execute two volunteer events with each community partner per month

  • Represent your cluster to the larger TUVAC staff and community

Site Leaders*

  • Work with volunteer coordinators to lead and execute volunteer events

  • Serve with a community partner at least once a month